Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hot and Bothered

From our local newspaper:

Police had to use chemical spray to subdue a belligerent naked man standing in his hot tub at his home late Friday night.

Police said three officers went to the house in response to complaints from neighbors about the man’s yelling. When they arrived, the man’s wife told them her husband was intoxicated in the back yard, police said.

The man reportedly yelled at the officers to get off his property. When they told him his neighbors were complaining, he cursed at his neighbors, police said.

He refused police orders to get out of the hot tub and when they told him that he was under arrest, he ducked under the water in a portion of the tub that was partially covered, police said. When police removed the cover, the man emerged "in a fighting stance." Police said they used chemical spray to subdue him, then pulled him from the tub.

He reportedly remained verbally abusive and combative at headquarters.

Charming guy.

This is one blog entry for which we can all be grateful there is no accompanying photo.